OHS theatre season kicks off with this year’s fall show The Desperate Hours.


Gabe Cardiff

Main cast members read through their scripts after school during rehearsal.

With school moving full steam ahead, most students are getting ready for fall and Homecoming. And while a few seniors are getting in some last minute senior pictures, the 2015-16 theatrical season has officially begun with the recent announcement and auditions for the OHS fall play, The Desperate Hours, a thriller/drama about three convicts. Glenn Griffin played by senior Ethan Pick, the leader of the convicts and a little bit of a homicidal maniac, will stop at nothing to get his revenge. His fellow convicts are his brother played by senior Matt Sveska and “Robish” played by sophomore William Behne, a man who will kill to get anything. The three escape from prison and randomly select a house in a suburb of Indianapolis to hide in. The home belongs to the Hilliard family- Dan, played by senior Colton Heilman, Eleanor, played by junior Bernadette Donlon, their 19-year old daughter Cindy, played by junior Skye Jorgensen and their son Ralph, played by freshman Francis Donlon.

The convicts plan on staying only until midnight as Griffin waits for his girlfriend, who will meet them with some money he had stashed away. When she doesn’t arrive, their stay stretches to several days. Dan plays their game knowing that if he makes any attempt to contact the police, it could risk his family’s safety. Along the way, a number of characters interact with the convicts and family. Supporting cast member that add depth to the story line are: Jaylin Evert, Jacob Wright, Thomas Borgerding, Alyssa Sattler, Elijah Kraling, Audrey Revier, Claire Borgerding and Nicholas Hagen.

Director Eric Eitrheim said, “I was drawn in by the tension and the drama of it. You feel for the family. And it’s fun to scare the audience once in awhile.” It has been three years since OHS has done a thriller. There is a lot that goes into picking a show. Eitrheim takes multiple things into account when picking a show. These logistics include. Who would work for certain parts in the pool of theatre kids that have been involved for most, if not all of the high school career?  Does the show speak to him and does he like it? Would it work out tech wise? Is the set possible to build with the space and resources they have and is it doable with lights and sound? Are there costumes that could work or can be easily borrowed or rented? Is makeup simple, or is there something special that needs to be done, and can it be done?

Even though the cast has been determined and have already started rehearsing, there is still a large portion of people needed to fill the many crew positions of the show. If any students are interested in being a part of the show through crew, speak to Mr. Eitrheim in B102. Showings of The Desperate Hours will be Nov. 12, 13 and 14, at 7:00 p.m. in the OHS Auditorium and Nov. 15, at 1:30 p.m. After the fall show, there will be more opportunities in winter and spring to see, help with or be in a show.