The voice of OHS- the student section

“That’s another Owatonna Huskies’ first down!”

“We can’t hear you!”

“You can’t do that!”

These are just a snapshot of the chants overheard when the Owatonna High School student section raises its voice. And the fans aren’t the only ones who hear the cheers- it also hits the field. Varsity football player junior Vince Spurgeon said, “I love when the student section chants the tomahawk chop- it gets me fired up!” In OHS history, the student section has a very strong turnout and a lot of participation, but last year was a different story. There was very little participation and minimal attendance. Even if attendance at the event was high, people were not paying attention to the game, not chanting with the section or people left at halftime. People were not committed to the student section.

However, this year has been a lot different with huge turnouts and amazing participation. Most people agree the student section is significantly better and has immensely improved from last year. One big change is senior Mason Thein. In regards to the participation and success of the student section, Thein said, “We have had really good participation at all of the football games so far this year. I try my hardest to bring energy to the crowd to get fired up, but it’s not all me- it’s the whole student body as one.”

OHS student section
Christian Kelling
OHS student section

Now, even though the section likes to get the players and fans fired up, they must keep in mind guidelines for chants and behavior. The rules state that, “School officials shall be held responsible for the proper conduct of teams, team members, students and home spectators regardless of where the contest is being held. There is no profanity, negative school chants, no artificial noise makers, and no laser lights.”

There are other events to go to other than football. The student section also appears at volleyball and soccer games. Sophomore Jacob Harlicker said, “I go and support every sport I can- volleyball, soccer and football. I like to get rowdy.” You may not recognize the student sections for these events because there isn’t as much to chant about. It is also a chance to pay back support? Junior Ethan DeKam who said, “Since I’m a football player, I frequently go to volleyball games. We like to get them going and make them know we support them.”

Most people do not realize the impact the student section has. Athletic Director Ryan Swanson said, “I think they provide the leadership our school needs and coming together as one. A good example is Tuesday at the volleyball game. Everybody dressed in purple for more than a game, but to come together like a family. The student section can definitely have an impact on a game, especially the big games. They show support and motivation, but also do it within the guidelines.” Their cheers give the football players fuel, add energy to the crowd and are instrumental in creating the competition atmosphere. To keep up with the student section, follow @HuskyStudSec on Twitter, and the next time you attend an OHS sporting event, listen for the voice of the school- the Owatonna High School Student Section!