Boys bathroom locked down again


Eric Reuss

Owatonna Boy’s bathroom stall door taken off by students

The boys’ bathroom by the Options area has been vandalized yet again. There has been a recent incident where one of the stall doors has been ripped off. This prompted the closing and locking of the bathroom door, which has since been reopened. This marks the second year where vandalism has closed this specific bathroom.  OHS Liaison Officer Terrance Flynn said, “There isn’t much information on this incident because the only security cameras are in the main hallways, so we don’t know when the vandalism happens or who does it.”

If the vandal is found, they will be charged with criminal damage to property and will have a misdemeanor on their permanent record. On top of that, there will be school punishments and fines based on the amount of damage caused. Officer Flynn said, “If you see vandalism happening, try and tell the vandal to stop. And if that doesn’t work, report the incident to an adult.” In the high school, there are about six incidents reported each year. However, there are many other incidents that don’t get reported, or ones that are small enough that could be fixed or cleaned by janitors. Officer Flynn also said, “Vandalism isn’t a growing problem, but a continuing problem that needs to be fixed.”  As always, try to prevent things before they become a problem.