Deer hunting opener week

Matt Summer, Writer

For many people, when the leaves change colors and the weather gets colder, it means the fun of fall is over, and winter is coming. For others, this means deer hunting is right around the corner. This year, there are three firearm seasons. Season 1A starts on Saturday, Nov. 7, and runs through Nov. 22. Season 2A and 3A run from Saturday, Nov. 7, through Nov. 15,  and Season 3B runs from Nov. 21-29. There is no major differences between the specified seasons- the dates and Minnesota location are the only variables. The limit this year will be one deer a person must have a license they cost anywhere from six dollars to minors up to $30 for adults. Deer populations have been down lately so that is why the limit of one deer per person this year. As many as 500,000 Minnesotans will put on the blaze orange and hunt this season.

Muzzleloader season runs Nov. 28, through Dec. 13. A muzzleloader only has one shell in the gun and is loaded through the front, much like an old civil war gun. Using a muzzleloader is more difficult than using a normal firearm because normally, the hunter shoots a deer multiple times.

Archery season has been open since Sep.19, and ends Dec. 31. Archery is especially hard due to the range of a bow, which is not very far. A Deer is a smart animal with great senses, making it very difficult to approach. Deer hunting with a bow is truly for the elite hunter.

There are many different rules and regulations to the sport, meant to keep everyone safe. First and foremost, during the firearm season, the hunters must be wearing two pieces of orange on them. For example, a hat and a shirt must be blaze orange. The hunter may shoot 30 minutes before and after sunset. A hunter must have a deer tag at all times when in the woods. Junior RJ Kniefel said, “I hunt because it is fun, and I enjoy the meat that we have made from the deer we shoot.”
Deer hunting is a good time to relax and can also be a learning experience. A lot of people in today’s world don’t get out in nature enough deer hunting is a great way to experience the beauty of the outdoors while having fun.