OH$ kick$ off Ca$h Drive week

Anna Keltto, Writer

Charities across the country rely on donations to continue their good work. On Nov. 12, Minnesota held its annual Give to the Max day. The goal of “Give” is to get people excited about donating money and resources. OHS will hold its own version of Give to the Max with Cash Drive.

Cash Drive is an annual fundraiser put on by the OHS student council. It kicked off Friday morning with the pepfest and will be in full swing all next week, Nov. 16 through the 20. At the pepfest, student council explained this year’s Cash Drive activities and what they will benefit.  All money raised this year will be donated to the Steele County Crisis Resource Center. Senior Hannah Cochlin, one of the Cash Drive chairs, said, “The goal of Cash Drive is to raise money and awareness while also providing tons of fun activities for students.”

Cash Drive week will be filled with fun, crazy activities during lunch, such as an obstacle course, a singing competition, a baby food eating contest and “Hairy Friday,” which will include leg waxes, beard shaving and haircuts for anyone willing to donate money. The entertaining activities are not all that will be going on during lunch. Trivia about the Steele County Crisis Resource Center and violence in general will help students start a dialogue about these issues. Cash Drive chair and sophomore Nick Sande said, “We are trying to incorporate a learning aspect through a trivia format. Hopefully students can learn more about sexual and domestic violence.”

After school activities will also be scheduled to promote Cash Drive. On Monday from 8 to 10 P.M., students will compete at Elementary Game Night. Teams will compete in fun, “throwback” games such as bench ball, pinguard and capture the flag. Cochlin said, “It’s going to take you back to your childhood. We’re expecting to see some very competitive teams.” On Friday, students will pack the auditorium at 7 P.M. to watch the third annual Mangeant. The Mangeant features male students competing in events such as a questionnaire, a costume contest, a talent portion and more. The event will be MCed by seniors and past winners Jackson Anderson and Matt Reinhard. Anderson said, “I’m excited to see the performances from all of the guys. I’m excited to see what student council has in store and how it’s changed since I was in it.” The Mangeant costs $5 to get in and is open to the community.

The goal of Cash Drive is to raise $2000 per grade. The week of Cash Drive will be filled with activities and will raise money for the Steele County Crisis Resource Center, and as student council adviser Mrs. Denise Lage said, “Even if we don’t meet the goal, we still know it is a benefit to them.”

The annual Cash Drive T-shirt is popular and students and staff can buy them from Student Council representatives. Make sure to support Cash Drive by bringing money and attending the events next week!