Man-geant: funny and money


Last year’s winner and this years host Matt Reinhard at the 2014 Man-geant

Pageant season, a time for endless spray tans, hair appointments and last-minute catwalk practices, has come to the Owatonna High School. The men of the OHS are in a tizzy around this time of year, and for good reason. The annual Man-geant is Friday, Nov. 20.

This season does not come without changes this year, however, as there were some complaints as to the content of the pageant last year. The cross dressing aspect of the Man-geant has been removed due to its trivialization of women and the transgender community at the OHS. Student council adviser Ms. Denise Lage said, “It was time for those changes to be made, and it was a discussion for student council to have. Mr. Prafke and I felt very strongly about it, and we never want to make anyone at the school feel disrespected.” Never fear, the Man-geant will still be a highlight of Cash Drive week, sans offensive dress and conduct.

Contestants will participate in a variety of activities, including a runway walk, a lip-sync battle, a talent portion and a questionnaire and hosted by seniors Matt Reinhard and Jackson Anderson. Reinhard said, “It will definitely be a fun time for the whole family. There’s going to be lots of silly performances and wacky outfits, and people won’t want to miss it!” Judges for the show are unannounced to keep the suspense alive.

The Man-geant will be Friday, Nov. 20, starting at 7 P.M., with an admission cost of $5. All proceeds will go to the Cash Drive charity Steele County Crisis Resource Center. The contestants for the 2015 Man-geant  will be seniors Matt Svestka and Colton Heilman, junior Brice Lauwers, and sophomores Brandon Guenther, Nick Hagen, Nick Sande, and Scott Kingland. In order to participate, contestants had to raise fifty dollars in their name. Make sure to support this cause, as well as the men of OHS.