Planning for your future

On Wednesday Oct. 16 freshmen through juniors will be taking a test to help them with their future, and indicate how they are currently preforming. Freshman will be taking the Explore test, which is the first piece that provides them information to help them make the right choices through high school and beyond.

Sophomores will be taking the PLAN test, which is an indicator to say how they are doing. The PLAN test will test on English, math, science and reading. The test will help you choose the right classes and the right career path for them. It is for the students and the school to see how each student is doing.

There are 87 juniors that will be taking the PSAT test, which will be more about college and their future. All eleventh graders will also be attending the college fair. Assistant Principal Mr. Miller said, “It is extremely important to get kids ready for success after high school, you guys need to know how you’re doing.”  In the spring, every junior will be taking the ACT in school at the cost of the school.

Seniors will be spending their time doing a College/Career fair where they will chat with representatives from two and four year colleges and attend sessions. They will also learn what it takes to qualify and apply to the colleges, the working world, and scholarships.

On Tuesday Oct. 15 students will have shortened classes due to a forty-five minute advisement. On Wednesday Oct.16 students will meet in their advisement room and either take their test or attend the college readiness sessions during first and second hour. Third and fourth hour will run as scheduled on Wednesday. Mr. Millers advice for every student taking the test is, “Making decisions about what you’re going to do with your life aren’t easy, the more information you have about yourself especially academic and career interests help you make better decisions.”