Two games won, three quarters played

Another game was called early due to lightning for the Owatonna Football team. The team traveled west to play Mankato East on Friday night where they won 42-6 in the third quarter. Though East was the first one on the score board, Owatonna did not waste any time getting up there too. At the half, Owatonna was up 42-6. Halftime became over an hour longer than it should have been because lightning was seen. When a strike of lighting is seen, everyone must clear the field and the stands for 15 minutes, unless another strike is seen. Once the okay was given by the officials to play again, the teams had a little over four minutes of playing time before lightning was seen again. Owatonna won another football game without finishing a full four quarters. Even though the game was called short, senior captain Ian Langeberg said, “We played well, still getting better but we’re doing pretty well.” The next game is Wednesday Oct. 16, when the team hosts Rochester John Marshall at 7 p.m. Langeberg said, “JM is a good opponent, it will be tough, but we’re hoping to get a win.”