Scholarship Watch-Attention Seniors!!!!!!


To all the students who are seniors at the Owatonna High School, it is time to start thinking about college, and with college comes money. Lots of money. But there are ways to reduce the spendy price of college. Scholarships are one of those ways. Scholarships are now becoming available for high school seniors. There are many ways to get ahold of scholarships, both nationally and locally. There are many websites that students can go to, which can be found on the high school’s website. The high school website also has tons of local scholarships available. Most of these scholarships aren’t due until March or April, but there are some due in December and January. The best way to see what scholarships are available is to check out the high school’s website and click on ‘Scholarships.’ There, you will find several scholarships already out on the site. Some of the scholarships have yet to become available, but most will be ready by January.

College is so expensive and so I appreciate scholarships as they are such a great opportunity for students to work extra hard to save money in the long run. ”

— Senior Ashley Ulman '16

It is never too early to start the scholarship process! Each scholarship is different, but most require a résumé of some sort and an essay.

Some steps to be taking right now:

  1. Start writing a résumé.
  2. Practice writing 300 word essays about you.
  3. Go onto the high school’s website, and check out the scholarships that are already available to students.
  4. Look at the scholarships and see which ones apply to you.
  5. With questions, stop in to the career center.