Be good for goodness sake

Cover release photo
Cover release photo

The new horror film Krampus was directed by Michael Dougherty and starts off a bit deceiving. It begins by showing the audience the well-known and joyful side of the Christmas season. It is not until Christmas day that the other side of the Christmas season is shown and the audience witnesses the dwindling of Christmas spirit. If only they knew what was coming next…

Throughout the film, Dougherty plays on the myth and legend, Krampus, which means “claw”. The myth originated from Germanic folklore dating back to the early 1600s. According to the folklore, Krampus used to accompany St. Nicholas on his journeys to America to spread joy and bring gifts to children. While St. Nicholas rewards the good children of America, Krampus punishes the wicked ones who have been naughty throughout the year. Both Krampus and St. Nicholas carried big sacks, but instead of carrying gifts in his bag as St. Nicholas did, Krampus puts the wicked children in his bag for further punishment. The seven foot tall hairy creature is said to have big bulging eyes, a whip-like tongue, pointed ears and horns on top of his head. It is said he would carry a pitchfork or a bundle of birch switches to use on the wicked children as he travelled around towns, with one foot being a cloven hoof and the other a bear-like claw. Once he gathered all the wicked children, he took them to his lair to punish them until they showed remorse for wicked actions they had committed. Dec.5, is the honoring day for Krampus in Alpine European towns. On the next day, Krampus and St. Nicholas arrive to do their job.

The storyline of the film follows the Engel family as they gather together for Christmas. Everyone is at peace until a fight breaks out between two families and the joyful Christmas spirit is ruined. As the family becomes fractured, one of the sons named Max, played by actor Emjay Anthony, begins to give up on Christmas and wishes that everything could go back to the way it was before. Little does Max know, his disbelief in Christmas has unleashed the fury of Krampus; a demonic creature set out to punish the non-believers. Things go awry as Max’s family gets snowed into their home, and Krampus begins to go after them, forcing the family to fight together in order to survive the wrath of Krampus.

Krampus is a PG-13 rated movie and is recommended for a mature audience that wants to watch a horror film that contains suspense and a legend revived. Showings of the film will be at the Northwoods Cinema 10, starting Thursday, Dec. 3, and will continue throughout the month.