Black Light dance preview


Students dance at the 2015 Black Light dance

On Friday, Feb. 5, the Owatonna High School Student Council will host the annual Black Light dance from nine to 12 p.m. Students will flock to the lower commons cafeteria at OHS and dance the night away to celebrate the 2016 Snow Week.

Like every school dance, it is highly anticipated throughout the week beforehand. But the Black Light dance is even more special because it is the last event of Snow Week. Sophomore and dance chair, Lydia Weisenberger said, “Student’s look forward to this dance because they get to dress in bright colors and when you look at the dance floor everyone is glowing.”

Students who wear bright neon colors or white will achieve a glow effect under the ultraviolet lamps, making for a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. Friday’s Snow Week dress up theme is also neon to correspond with the dance.

 The event costs five dollars, a photo ID must be presented upon arrival and neon clothing is strongly encouraged.  Whether students are planning to slow dance with a special someone, get down with friends or show off their moves, the Black Light dance is sure to brighten up the winter.