The best 30 minutes

Ava Stockwell, Writer

Pure joy often is hard to find, especially after tragedy touches a school and a community. However, coming together as a hurting community to support some of the hardest working kids in the high school may be the best remedy.

The Owatonna High School Adaptive Floor Hockey team has made it to the State Tournament! Undefeated with a record of 10-0-0, the team has had a spectacular season. And the support they have received from the Owatonna community is outstanding.

Each home game, the Owatonna Junior High School parking lot is packed with cars. The old gym is full to the brim- parents, athletes, teachers and Husky fans in general swarm into the small space. It is standing room only. Not to mention the electric atmosphere that accompanies the games. All the kids, regardless of team, receive standing ovations, whoops of excitement and many, many cheers of encouragement. And when Zach Sencer makes six goals in a matter of minutes, the gym becomes a frenzy of screaming fans.

As the OHS community recoils from tragedy, the fun and uplifting environment of the AFH games is a soothing balm to the scarred soul. The act of cheering OHS kids on is a priceless memory, healing and supporting in the same moment. The pepfest on Friday will be one of the best 20 minutes the OHS will ever have, regardless of what is planned. This year, the pepfest will have a road trip for the team. From dance parties to chuck-a-puck, the event should be a fun time for all involved and watching.

In the past 12 years, the AFH team has made it to the state tournament ten times. With the support and coaching from John Scheil and C.W. Wolfe and Kyle Burns, the team has excelled. They have some of the best players in the state from sharp shooters to goalies. Along with this great achievement, the team has had special moments with the rest of the school, interacting with other students and tangibly feeling their support. Thank you, OHS students and staff, for giving the team and the community a reminder of how simple it is to cheer on and get excited for the team.

The Adaptive Floor Hockey wall
The Adaptive Floor Hockey wall

Though you may not be able to make it to the game on Friday, March 11, there are other ways to support the team. In the tennis court door hallway, posters of the team members are hung on the walls. Grab a post-it and a pen and write a note to the team! A simple little something can go a long way. And at the pepfest on Friday afternoon, be sure to participate. The hard work these kids have put in deserves a lot of recognition. And perhaps the easiest way is to simply wear the Husky blue color on Friday.

The 30 minute pepfest and the 45 minute games are some of the most joyous times in a high school. Full of pure joy and plain ole fun, these are events you do not want to miss! GO HUSKIES!