Harrison Kuhn

Queen Katie Belina getting crowned


Katie Belina

What extra-curriculars are you involved in?

“Katie has been on the OHS Swim team for six years. She has lettered five years and is currently a team captain. She is a member of the National Honor Society and involved in DECA. Katie is in her second year as being a Wyldlife leader and enjoys being a positive role model for junior high students. She is also involved in Young Life and has gained life changing experiences.”

Future plans (after college)?

“Katie’s future plans are to attend the University of Minnesota Duluth.”

What is the first thing you would you do as a real ruling queen?

“I’d buy a bunch of puppies!”

Did you enjoy process from top 12 to top 5 to queen?

“Yes. I just enjoyed it. It was an honor being in top 12 especially in with the group I was with. It was just fun being with everyone. It is an honor to be chosen by my peers.”



The top five queen candidates posing for a photo
Harrison Kuhn
The top five queen candidates posing for a photo

Queen Candidates 

What is the first thing you would do as a real ruling queen?

  1. Grace Valen- “I’m going to disney world.”
  2. Braxten Blood- “I would cry.”
  3. Danika Brown- “I would provide homes for the homeless.”
  4. Tori Urch- “I would go on a date with my King.”
  5. Jenna McMains- “I would make college free.”
  6. Toria Koch- “I would buy a new car.”
  7. Page Cocchiarella- “I would go spend my time at a beach house.”
  8. Riley Birk- “I would have a lifetime supply of starbucks.”
  9. Sydney Bartz- “I would make sure everyone has a family.”
  10. Louisa Deetz- “I would go on a long vacation.”
  11. Anna Weisenburger- Create a national massage week so everyone could have free massages.