Winter Parking

Goy Tut

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Konner Kubista

Finding your assigned spot is a little harder in the winter

There are certain rules and criteria that students at OHS have to follow when parking their cars all year, especially in the winter. Students can park either where their assigned parking space is or on city streets as long as it is not a designated “no parking” area, such as Academy street or Rice Street. The consequence for breaking the parking rules is that students are given a ticket and a fine. More specific information is located in the student handbook.

OHS Principal Mark Randall said, “Overall, parking is terrible at OHS. There are not enough parking spots, the locations are not located in areas close to our main entrance, and the parking lots are sometimes hard to monitor.  Additionally, students have to walk across the street and park on streets, which do not create an overall safe environment for students when getting to school.  If we had a school on a larger parcel of land, we could alleviate a lot of these issues.” Students should continue to follow the parking rules at OHS and make sure they are careful when parking on the streets.