Extensive Streaming


Press release photos fair use www.netflix.com Streaming has become more popular than cable

Peyton Robb, Writer

For numerous decades, television has impacted the lives of many. Whether it has had a good or bad impact is another story. New TV trends are always popping up showing a reflection of what topics the public is captivated with. Currently, action/adventure shows and movies are some of the most popular, as well as crime and comedy.

Varying age groups tend to be interested in different television genres. The older generations are typically more likely to watch news based programs. Where they newer viewers are more inclined to watch reality drama shows or comedy shows.

According to the trending titles on Netflix, more Netflix users are watching sitcoms, drama romance and romantic comedies. Stand up comedy has also taken a leap, becoming more and more popular. Some shows that are currently trending on Netflix are Shameless, Stranger Things, The Office, House and Grey’s Anatomy. Each of these shows receiving over a four star rating by Netflix.

Shameless has had a real presence in the television world recently with a five star rating. The Office, although not as newly produced, is still widely watched and has a four and a half star rating. These shows are the ones that get people saying, “just one more episode” and have been known to be binge watchable.Some recommended shows by widely known tv and movie critics, Rotten Tomatoes, are Fargo, The Americans, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, Atlanta, Stranger Things and Breaking Bad. These are some good shows to check out and judge for yourself.

Programs like HBO  Now, Netflix, and Crackle make streaming easy on the go as long as you don’t mind the data usage and cost. HBO Now costs $15 a month, Netflix at $8 and Amazon Prime costs $99 a year. HBO Go is also an option if you already own an HBO account. Streaming has become popular in recent years making watching great shows anywhere possible, and as result, happier consumers.