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What to watch on Netflix


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Peyton Robb, Writer

People are always looking for something interesting to watch during their free time. With so many genres, there are plenty of popular shows. Here are a few binge watchable TV shows.

Stranger Things (Sci-Fi)

Although only one season is out, Stranger Things has been buzzing as a great thriller. It is a show about a town that appears to have abnormal occurrences ever since a boy disappears, and around the same time the surprisingly guarded electric company building starts to get suspicious attention.

Lost (Action/Adventure)

From the widely popular director, J.J. Abrams, comes the show Lost, a story about a plane crashing on a seemingly deserted island. The passengers are forced to work together as they discover they are not alone on this island. Creatures and paranormal phenomenons make the group of passengers work to live safely together.

Prison Break (Crime)

One of the main characters, Michael, hears that his brother Lincoln is going to be given the death penalty for a crime he claims he did not commit. Michael makes it his number one priority to save his brother no matter what obstacles come up. They both are on the run a majority of the time, while attempting to prove Lincoln had been framed.

The Office (Comedy)

The Office is a show about a paper company with a very unique regional manager named Michael Scott. He has trouble with his people skills, constant need to be the favorite and the star of everything. People would say Michael has a very unorthodox way of running his office, but the company still thrives. Each of his employees have interesting backgrounds that pop up in the workplace that add to their characters and the show.   

Grey’s Anatomy (Drama)

Grey’s Anatomy centers around surgeon Meredith Grey and her challenges both professional and personal. Along with the rest of the staff, their drama is difficult for them to leave outside of work place. It is the intensity of a hospital, surgeries and heart capturing patients that creates the setting of Grey’s Anatomy.

Each of these shows are highly rated and can be found on Netflix. Some of these shows can also be found on other entertainment programs and media providers.