Memories made dancing the night away


Richard Ong

Last year’s prom stage at the four seasons center

Magnet Staff, Writers

Prom is a night to have fun with friends and remember all the good times that you have had together throughout high school. This is a night that many seniors and juniors have looked forward to since their freshman year. Many things that occur during Prom make the weekend memorable.

The idea that Prom must be memorable causes students to expect a lot from the evening. The high expectations students set for themselves can lead to a disappointing letdown if things do not go as planned. Many seniors who have attended Prom as a junior have mixed emotions about the event. Whether you are a fan of dancing or not, this night is a time to find an excuse to dress your best, get together with your friends and make some memories. For seniors, it may be the last chance to spend time with classmates ‒ both close friends and strangers included. 

If dancing and dressing up does not sound appealing, After Prom is an event that does not include either of these things, but is still a blast. Students do not need to go to Prom to attend After Prom, they are separate events. However, only juniors and seniors can attend.  This year the theme is ‘Beach Party’. This year, After Prom will feature classic favorite events. These include a hypnotist, henna art, inflatables, casino games and a large raffle with up to 100 prize options. Tickets for After Prom are available at the door of the junior high. If students are planning on attending, they should prepare to have a student ID to enter. Re-admission will not be allowed if seniors and juniors choose to leave. Doors to get into After Prom will close at 1 a.m. and After Prom will end at 4:30 a.m.

Prom night has a different vibe to it than many other school dances. Parents understand that prom is a fun memory making night. Many of them attended and most likely vividly remember their own prom experiences. Some parents eliminate curfews and allow kids to spend the entire night out with friends enjoying After Prom or hanging out with one another. All must remember to capitalize on their opportunity to have a fun night, but be safe at the same time. Last week, Mike Smith reminded us that the choices that define our character are the ones we make when no one is looking. Students will have more freedom than normal on prom night. It’ is important for each student to be able to use this opportunity wisely and have a fun night with classmates that can be looked back on fondly for years to come. Seniors will soon be headed out the door and into the next chapter of their lives‒  be sure to make Prom 2017 a night all students will remember!