Robb’s Review: Den of Thieves

Peyton Robb, writer

Dive into the world of crime with the new movie Den of Thieves and a cast full of well known actors and entertainers. The cast includes, famous rapper, 50 Cent, as well as actors Gerard Butler who starred in Gladiator and O’Shea Jackson Jr. from Straight Outta Compton. The movie follows both sides of a heist from the planning of the crime, to the struggled life of being a Los Angeles police officer. With the various high intensity and action packed scenes this film contains, it exceeds the qualifications to be categorized as an action thriller.

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Source: IMDb
Gun fight between Sheriffs and Criminals

The story is unique to others like it, in that it shows both sides of a heist, the good guys and bad guys. In most cop/robber films, the audience has a clear character or group to side with. In Den of Thieves, the crowd could have a difficult side choosing which side, the criminals or the police, to get behind. The movie starts out by following the most successful bank robbing group in the state of California performing a robbery. The movie does not take long to get the action rolling with bullets flying in the first scene. From there the audience sees into the lives of both the robbers and the officers.

As the events of each characters lives are unfolding, so is a master plan for one final robbery. The planning and precision of the plans are amazingly intricate and the outcome sure comes as a surprise. Den of Thieves is a solid film overall, and even better for viewers that like to guess what happens next. There are enough surprises for the movie to leave even the best guessers shocked. Den of Thieves scored a 7.5/10 on IMDb and can be seen at the Owatonna movie theater, Northwoods Cinema 10.