Olympic coach to Owatonna


Ashwini Manokar

Sarah Murray is in her first year coaching OHS girls hockey

Mason Rhoades, Writer

Some people have a great story behind why they chose the sport of hockey or why they love it, but for Sarah Murray, the OHS Girls Hockey coach, it was a matter of being born into an immense hockey family. From the day Murray was born in Faribault, Minnesota, she was introduced into the world of hockey through her father that coached hockey for several NHL teams and her two hockey loving brothers. Ever since she was kid, Murray knew she was in love with hockey and proved her talent by being a standout high school player at Shattuck-Saint Mary’s. Murray decided to continue her hockey career at the University of Minnesota-Duluth and later went on to win two NCAA Division 1 national titles with the Bulldogs. To further her hockey career, she decided to take her talents to HC Lugano in Lugano, Switzerland.

When Murray’s playing career ended, the idea of becoming a coach made complete sense. Murray said, “I graduated college with an educational degree, and having my love of sports and hockey, it just made sense to pursue a career in coaching. Coaching really is the perfect combo of teaching, and sports and I was drawn to it.” This decision allowed Murray to become the head coach of the South Korean National Women’s Hockey Team. Murray coached the hockey team from 2014 to 2018, along with coaching the team in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

The experience and knowledge Murray gained coaching the South Korean National Women’s Hockey team is something she loved, but Murray was developing some homesickness. Murray said, “In Korea our season is an 11 month season, so I didn’t get to come home and see my family at all- and four years is a really long time away from home.” Murray made the decision to pursue a coaching career a little closer to home with the Owatonna Huskies hockey program. Murray has enjoyed every minute of coaching in Owatonna and is excited to develop and take the young Owatonna Girls Hockey team to the next level. Coach Murray and the OHS Girls Hockey Team will take on the Albert Lea Tigers on Nov. 28 at the Owatonna Four Seasons at 7 p.m.