Girls hockey is skating through the season


Ashwini Monukar

Sarah Snitker prepares for a faceoff

Carter DeBus, Writer

The Owatonna Girls Hockey team is off to a hot start with an opening record of 3-2-1 winning and tieing in their first two games. They won their game last night 3-1 against Albert Lea with a pair of goals in the third period. The Huskies started off their season with a nail biting tie against Rochester Mayo. One of the team’s unique features is how their is only two seniors and this forces the team to open their growing room and expose the areas they need to fill. Captain Kiley Friedrichs said, “It’s my job to make sure they are all playing at their full potential and feel comfortable on the team. I really enjoy getting to know the younger girls because I haven’t played with any of them before.” Getting to know her new teammates is an important part early on in the season.

With their new head coach/former Olympic coach, Sarah Murray, the girls hockey program is looking to build and improve on the program. Murray said, “It’s been really good, we have a really young team full of eighth and ninth graders, plus the two seventh graders.It is definitely a learning experience but I love working on developing how the kids play.” The girls hockey program is looking to turn things around with their new head coach and to have a great and fulfilled season. The girls next game is Friday, Nov. 30 at 7:00 p.m. in Kasson.