Editorial: Response to Feb. 11, 2019


OHS Magnet Staff

Monday’s incident divided the student body of OHS. Although we pride ourselves on delivering facts to our audience, OHS Magnet refrained from covering the lockdown or the events leading up to it. The reason for this is because we were following our school’s lockdown protocol. OHS Magnet is composed of student journalists, but we are students first. Every student in the school was on lockdown, so Magnet could not send a reporter to cover the ongoing situation.

At this time, emotions are running high for students, staff, administration and parents. Anxiety regarding security, upcoming bag checks and students’ response to the incident have made for a tense atmosphere. As reporters, the Magnet staff needed to remain unbiased and free from personal stances. As students, we still need time to process our feelings before getting back to work. Going forward, OHS Magnet will focus the efforts to move on and how OHS heals and mends the divide in the building.