Vote Yes


Vote Yes yard sign

Magnet Staff, Editorial

With the majority of people in Magnet voting yes on May 14. There are plenty of reasons on why they are voting yes. The biggest reason the students’ educations. A new high school would provide 21st-century learning and a better learning environment. This is important for students because with better facilities they can get a better education.

Another reason is looking out for future students and their safety. Safety is a major concern with our building, as many students do not feel safe with the number of entrances in our school. A new school would provide necessary safety measures for students to feel safe and truly be safe. Then students can focus on their education and not whether they are safe or not.

There have also been many very generous donations from a business in the Owatonna community. These donations include $20 million dollars from Federated Insurance, in-kind donations of glass from Viracon and auditorium, musical and storage donations from Wenger. Mayo Clinic Health Systemare funding a health care learning lab, scoreboard in the gymnasium, and a new athlete training room for the potential new Owatonna High School. This week Gopher Sport has also donated physical education equipment, fitness room, active seating, and workstations.