Editorial: Vote Yes


Magnet Staff

Staff editorials in the Magnet are the opinions of the Magnet staff and may not reflect the views of the adviser or the school administration

Tuesday, Nov. 5 holds the second voting regarding the bond referendum in Owatonna. We, the Magnet staff hold our opinion towards vote yes, as an up to date, modern high school building would benefit the community of Owatonna. The current high school in Owatonna cannot support its students with modern education that contribute to their interests, career-wise.

Currently, OHS’s facilities are insufficient to promote hands-on and interactive academic experiences for students, along with restricted space limiting an environment for expression in sports and activities. Fordham Institute’s report on Career-Based Education (CTE) states, “Students with greater exposure to CTE are more likely to graduate from high school, enroll in a two-year college, be employed, and earn higher wages. CTE provides the greatest boost to the kids who need it most—boys, and students from low-income families.” With a new high school in Owatonna, the modern technology and facilities implemented in the building will impact students beyond graduation.

Additionally, a large factor in moving the current bond is safety. Schools throughout the United States are upgrading their buildings after recent, frequent violence that has been targeting primary and secondary schools. Currently, visitors at OHS have to enter the building to the front desk where they will be ID’d and background checked. The new high school plan has an extended area, locked and separate from the students, and will be implemented for visitors checking in and out of the building. Additional features planned for the new school will ensure the safety of students, keeping the focus on their education.

We the OHS Magnet Staff are current students at OHS. This new high school is not for us, but for future students of Owatonna. We believe that students of this community deserve access to all opportunities, education-wise, so they may flourish in whatever path they choose. It all starts in the classrooms, where inspiration and experience take place; our school should be able to support this. Students’ education is left in the hands of the community of Owatonna. There are many reasons to vote yes for Owatonna, which can be found on the Owatonna Public Schools informational bond website.