First episode of BrOHS

Produced by Hunter Martin and Videographer Carter Debus

Zach Wiese and Matt Williams

Over the past couple of months, the debate over who has the best chicken sandwich has grown. The highly anticipated Popeyes chicken sandwich hit the market on August 12. Popeyes did not expect the reaction from the public to be so immediate. Soon after the release, they ran completely out. Popeye’s was temporarily out of these famous chicken sandwiches and made a come back on November third, which just so happens to fall on National Sandwich Day. The anticipation over the Popeye’s chicken sandwich has led to one known homicide. A man supposedly cut in front of the perpetrator to get the beloved sandwich, which turned into a brief altercation and escalated to multiple stabs which were fatal.

Chick-fil-A is up for a daunting task if they want to get to retake the crown of the best chicken sandwich. Since the release of the Popeyes chicken sandwich, Chick-fil-A and KFC have both seen outright sales declines. The only thing they can hold onto at this point is the fact that there famous Chick-fil-A has yet to be beaten by anyone.  

Which ‘wich is better?

Once upon a time Matt Williams and Zach Wiese (Bros) embarked on a journey to find the best chicken sandwich in the whole Metropolitan Minnesota area. The new show, BrOHS, is a show about the two boys and their adventures as they go throughout their senior year. In this week’s episode, they compare the new chicken sandwiches from Popeyes and Chick-fil-A, giving their opinion on which sandwich was the best. With so much hype behind the two sandwiches, the bros needed to know who truly had the best chicken sandwich.  

The first thing the bros looked at when getting the sandwiches was the price. Chick-fil-A had the cheaper sandwich at $4.09 and Popeye’s sandwich at $5.99. The next topic they looked for was the timing to get the sandwich. Popeye’s came in faster at 2 min and 15 sec and Chick-fil-A took a long time at 3 min 39 sec. When they first tried the two sandwiches together they wanted to get a taste for the texture. The Popeyes chicken sandwich had a very nice crunch to the breading on the outside which the bros really liked. Chick-fil-A crunch was not as good but it was still a very good sandwich. After the bros tried both the sandwiches it was time to grade them. Though in the video they didn’t grade them, they sat down after and graded them. The bros gave Popeye’s a 7.1 grade and Chick-fil-A a 6.7 grade.