Hidden treasure at OHS


Designed by Kaden Nelson

Advertisement of Medallion Hunt at OHS for cash drive week.

Snow Week at OHS is here again. This year’s theme is Snowed In. There are multiple fun events that students can do during the week including dress-up days, lunch activities, basketball extravaganza and, new this year, a medallion hunt. A medallion hunt is an all-day (or week) event for students to participate in.

There are some things to know before starting the hunt for the medallion. There will be a new clue given out each day at 8:05 a.m over the intercom starting Feb. 10. Everyone is welcome to look for the medallion since there is no formal entry. Students can look for the medallion every day of the week.  The OHS student council is excited for a fun snow week at OHS and would love every student at OHS to participate in snow week events. Sophomore student council lead Maddie Moen said, “I’m looking forward to the medallion hunt because it should be fun to try something new as a school and it will be a good way to get students to participate because of the prize.“

If the medallion is found, the winner needs to run to the orchestra room with the medallion yelling that they found it. The prize given to the person that finds the medallion is a brand new 32 inch TV. The contest, if no one wins, ends on Friday, Feb. 14. at the end of Snow Week. If the medallion is found right away the winner will get their prize and the medallion hunt is then over.