End of the year information

Ellie Youngquist, Writer

After Governor Tim Walz announced distance learning will continue to the end of the school year, many districts, including Owatonna, have put plans into action in order to make the most of distance learning. In the following weeks, the OHS will be informed on how the 2020 school year will come to a close.

With the end of the school year fast approaching, the last few weeks will be filled with many important dates to be aware of. Teachers will be posting final assignments and activities on May 22. The following week, May 26-29, teachers will be meeting in groups, large, small, or one on one with students to conference on grades and dive into individual needs of students. The first week of June will be the final wrap up process. Students will be notified as to how to return books, computers, hot-spots and other borrowed school supplies. Principal Mr. Kath said, “Moving forward we understand the need for a gradual end so we are supporting students with the level of support they will need.” A gradual end to the school year was planned out in this way so that students will find the ending of the year easier to finish out strong.

Grading changes

Grading in regards to classes will be modified so that no student is left behind. The scale will follow A, B, C, then lead to pass or no credit. Should no credit be received, the administration will work with that student to put together a plan for credit recovery so that the student can focus on how to meet the essential outcomes and earn said credit. Mr. Kory Kath said, “We know distance learning is hard for many and therefore we are doing everything we can to support them.” The concept behind no credit means additional support will be given to the student so that they can go into the fall with full credits.

More information to come

Throughout the summer, students can expect communication from the school in regards to how things will be starting back up in the fall, regardless if it is distance learning or back to school itself. There are no clear answers as to how the fall will be impacted, but students can be assured the administration will be working over the summer to fix any issues that may have made distance learning difficult and will continue to put students’ safety and health as a priority. Mr. Kath said, “ We do not know what further impact this will have in the fall, but we are working throughout the summer to recognize that. As soon as we know anything about that we will be sure that we are reaching out to families.” Stay tuned to OHS Magnet and Owatonna Public Schools social media as plans develop.