COVID-19 impact to industry


Sam Sampson

How has COVID-19 impacted industry and jobs?

Sam Sampson, Writer

The lives of many have changed dramatically over the past 10 months. COVID-19 is what has led to such a change and made for a new normal for the  world. However, people are not the only thing that have seen dramatic change. The world is different in so many ways and has been impacted in many ways because of COVID-19. The impact on industry has been something that has been huge in this pandemic. No businesses run the same as it did before COVID-19 and probably still  will not return to its original ways after COVID-19.

The impact on industry is seen through the eyes of many. One OHS teacher, Scott Pierce, has seen this first hand and noticed this change within his own business. Mr. Pierce said, “When the government shut down certain businesses I think that’s been the biggest impact”. This response is huge in understanding how the government tried to take control of the virus, but even so, led to a lot of loss of business because of the fear of the virus spreading faster. This big impact of shutting down certain businesses affected those who used to create business for those places as well as the workers from that business. Shutting down a business has a large impact on everyone who interacts with that business.

Other impacts of industry since COVID-19 are apparent in the eyes of OHS students as well. Senior Lane Versteeg said, “The unemployment is probably the biggest impact COVID-19 has had on industry.” This falls right in line with what Mr. Pierce said about the shutting down of businesses because when that happens this idea of unemployment raises. The businesses that got shut down caused the loss of many jobs for people and that has made the pandemic difficult because they have lost their source of income.

COVID-19 has been anything but easy to handle. Within industry some of the biggest things that have been affected are the businesses that got shut down due to the government. Those businesses and their workers lost so much and have been affected greatly by the virus. The future for businesses will never be the same after COVID-19, but hopefully there is a greater understanding of how something can change a life in the blink of an eye.