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Designed by Evan Buck

The Businesses in Owatonna help students learn about careers they are interested in

Evan Buck, Writer

At OHS students can gain valuable experience with various businesses. Ms. Sara Baird is helping students by getting them a mentorship with a business they are interested in. Ms. Baird has the students go out two times a week where the student will spend time observing the employees.

The students are able to work directly with business partners. Ms. Baird said, “I had somebody with the Chamber of Commerce who was able to complete a series of small projects for them, so it’s really individual.” The connections the student makes throughout their mentorship helps them go back to the business in the future if they would like to go back.

In mentorship the students are set up with a business. There are opportunities for students to choose the business they want. Ms. Baird said, “Some students come in and know exactly where they want to do one but most of the time they are placed at a place that’s available.”

When students first start the class they spend time building their portfolio and practicing interviews. The students’ business depends on what businesses are available. but the businesses they have trouble with is anything in the medical field. The medical field placements have been difficult because of strict guidelines, especially this year due to COVD-19. Caitlyn Vieths has a mentorship in human resource and management. Vieths said, “I loved the atmosphere and getting to meet all the managers and the vice president. Everyone got very close over the short time I was there.”

Made in Owatonna day is a collaboration of businesses that come together to give local high school students an opportunity to explore careers in the Owatonna area. The next made in Owatonna day will be determined this week and focus on Human Service Careers. When asked what businesses attend Made in Owatonna day Ms. Baird said, “Various businesses are recruited depending on the topic of the event. We try to assess student interest in careers and locate businesses that align with those interests. Most larger businesses in the area participate each time we highlight careers in their career field like Viracon, CLA, Federated, and the Mayo Clinic.” Made in Owatonna day is a great way to learn about local businesses. Students interested can email Ms. Baird directly for information. Made in Owatonna day is to be determined.