School starting back up


Designed by Mariah Schroht

Welcome back to school Owatonna High School

Magnet Staff, Editorial Board

The Owatonna High School will be welcoming back students to hybrid learning on Monday, January 11. The OHS will stick to how school flowed before going all online; group one will be on Monday, Tuesday, and group two will be in person Thursday and Friday. Wednesdays will be distance learning for everyone. With school starting back in person, it is crucial to follow protocols. Students are thrilled to be back into hybrid learning as it allows them to start back up into extracurricular activities. 

Students will be going back to school with one week left of semester one; students need to check their grades and get all assignments turned in.  The second semester will start up on Thursday, Jan 21. Students will still need to check-in using Infinite Campus on distance learning days. Face coverings throughout the school day will be mandatory and desks will be socially distanced in classrooms. Students feel safe and secure with the extra safety protocols put into place as we go back into hybrid learning. OHS students are excited to return to hybrid learning, as it improves how students learn. During classes, masks will continually be worn at all times. In person learning is better for student achievement. 

With school starting back up, winter athletics have also started back up. Winter sports started practicing in person on Jan.4. To be able to practice, athletes must wear a mask at all times. Additionally, as of right now, no spectators are allowed or there are a limited number of spectators.  Competitions and games can resume as soon as Jan. 14; all athletes and coaches must wear a mask during competition. Students being back to sports is essential when it comes to athletes’ mental health. Student-athletes are excited to finally be back to their activities, even though it will not be a normal winter season. As much as it is not ideal to wear a mask during physical activity, students feel safer and believe wearing a mask will prevent the spread of COVID-19. These steps are to protect athletes, coaches and their families. However, some students question the validity of wearing face coverings during high physical activity. 

In regards to coming back to school, students feel this is the best way to go and that it is time to come back. In order to keep everyone safe and stay hybrid learning, students must follow protocols. Students believe that wearing face coverings and follow social distancing is key to staying in school. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and get tested. Again, Welcome back, OHS.