Is one lunch enough?


Abe Stockwell

Toco in a bag at school lunch

Abe Stockwell, Writer

A big part of school is lunch time. Whether you go out to eat, bring your own, or get school lunch. Lunch is a time to be with your friends, take off your masks and enjoy. For most kids lunch is their favorite time of the school day. Some of the population of students feel like they don’t get enough food from school lunches. Due to COVID-19, OHS is giving out free lunches and breakfasts daily and you are able to go back for more than one lunch if needed. 

Ms. Sarah Brooks, the head of the Nutrition Services for isd761, says, “ One of the major differences between the programs is the SFSP does not have different minimum portion sizes between different age groups; all students regardless of age have the same minimum portion requirements under the SFSP. The Nutrition Services department does recognize that a senior has higher nutrition needs than a kindergartener. For that reason several of our menu items are served in a larger portion size at the secondary level compared to the elementary level even though it is not required.” The isd761 notices the fact that not everyone is the same yet they still offer other options to students who need more than what is regulated. 

In an interview with one of the school’s lunch ladies. Amy Ackman is a hard working, friendly, and outgoing person. Ms. Ackman’s answers are based on her opinion and is not speaking for the nutrition services office. ” That is why there is an opportunity to get more than one lunch. Ms. Ackman said this is something that is very key that all students should know. She said, ‘’You are allowed to get as much fruits and vegetables as you want.” You can get a whole tray of fruits and vegetables if you felt inspired to eat it all. Ms. Ackman explained how the majority of students do not know that they are allowed to do that. Sometimes the lunch choices are not a person’s favorite. When Ms. Ackman was asked if there were enough of a variety she replied “Sometimes yes, but sometimes no. It is very hard to accommodate everyone, everyday. We as a staff do our best everyday.’’ 

Another huge part of lunch is the al carte. Due to COVID-19, al carte has not been running like in years past. Kids use al carte to supplement in other food to complete their meal. Ms. Ackman said, “ Hopefully soon they will open one of the al cartes up so people are able to get more food from that outlet.” Most students would say that the al carte is one of the best, if not the best thing about lunch. Asad Ali spoke on the fact that he would like to see a return of the al carte. “ I really used it a lot and hope it comes back before school is over.”

In an interview with Grant Lower, a freshman at OHS, he had a lot to say about lunches.  Lower said, ‘’I do not believe that you get enough food from lunch.” Many students have the same belief as Lower does. When Lower was asked if he knew he could get more than one lunch, he said, “Oh, I did not know that we can get more than one.” Hopefully, Lower and others know this information stepping forward in their school year.

A big thanks to all of the OHS lunch ladies for their efforts day in and out to get the school fed. Hopefully, this sheds light on some learning topics. There is an option to get more than one lunch. Always feel free to get as many fruits and vegetables as needed. Lastly, that al carte is a huge factor in students’ lunches and is something the school is looking to re-open in the near future.