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Magnet Staff, Editorial

There have been many ‘greats’ so far this year at Owatonna High School. From claiming the 5A State Football Championship, to having seven National Merit Commended Students, as well as having many individual state qualifiers in a wide array of sports and activities and seeing the winter musical extended, it is safe to say that across the board, Owatonna has seen its share of ‘great’. So where to next? With winter sports and activities coming to a close and snow week concluded, some may think that school pride is dwindling. However, members of the Magnet staff think differently.

Starting today is Owatonna High Schools- newly vamped- Cash Drive and with it the opportunity to continue this years tradition of great.Though now named Five Days of Giving, this week will have many similarities to the former Cash Drive. This year, all donations to Five Days of Giving will go to Transitional Housing, an organization that provides housing along with drug and alcohol treatment for residents in the Steele county area.   But where exactly does this money go? If you look at their website, you will see these stats:


  • 150 people housed and helped by Steele County Transitional Housing in 2011
  • 60 were adults
  • 90 were children
  • Half were fleeing abusive homes
  • Many were disabled
  • Many were single parents
  • All were living in poverty
  • In 2011 Transitional Housing helped 22 families remain in housing by preventing their evictions


So how does this give us another opportunity to be great? Or better yet, how could it possibly not? What better way to show our school pride then by coming together as a student body and giving back to a community that continually gives back to us? By creating a common goal within us this week, we, as a student body, have the potential to impact members of our community who are in need, giving this week the potential to be the greatest thing we could do all year.