Open letter to the class of 2021


OHS Magnet staff representing the class of 2021

Magnet Staff

The Class of 2021, for obvious reasons, had a very unusual high school experience. The typical stresses and burdens were all amplified by a once in a lifetime pandemic that swept our world and kept students out of schools. Through all of the hardships, our class has tried to make the most of the cards dealt to us and play our hand with gratitude.

All of the common experiences that have bound us together, whether that be in the form of tests, friday announcements, pep fests, field trips, lunches, musicals, or sports, will leave the Class of ‘21 with a sense of community and purpose.

The senior class would like to thank all of the teachers and faculty that cultivated the youth of our lives. There is a certain treasure in lessons not related to the curriculum, there is wealth in the personal bonds created, and there will always be a home for us in Owatonna.

The last four years, OHS has seen us grow from kids into young adults. This school community has been witness to our personal change, growth and development during that time. From freshman orientation as eighth graders, to the final quarter of our senior year, it feels as though time plays a cruel trick on us all.

The next chapter for the Class of 2021 will look different for everyone, each path being a unique reflection of our time at OHS. As the years move forward and change follows, it’s important to remember who you are, what made you and where you came from.