2021 Coin Wars brings in the money

It’s that time of year again for OHS to put on its annual cash drive. OHS kicked off the start of the cash drive on Friday, Nov. 12, with the pepfest. This year, OHS is teaming up with Beds for kids, which is an organization providing beds for kids who are less fortunate or in need. This year’s goal is to raise $7,000 by the end of the week. The OHS Cash Drive fundraising events will be kicking off this week throughout the community and within the high school. 

Throughout cash drive week there will be different dress up days. Monday, Nov. 15 will be the start of dress up days starting with country vs. country club. Tuesday, Nov. 16 will be Vikings vs. Packers followed by basketball extravaganza, which will be held in the OHS gym starting at 7pm. Wednesday, Nov. 17 is Starbucks vs. Caribou vs. OTB. Thursday, Nov. 18 is bikers vs. surfers along with price is right activity night in the auditorium starting at 7:30pm. Finishing up the week on Friday, Nov. 19 will be the mangeant, a man pageant, and dance, both starting at 7pm. Classes are encouraged to wear their class colors. 

OHS students can donate in their second hour classes (Dylan Maas)

Coin wars start on Monday, November 15. Coin wars is a fundraising competition in which you donate coins to win. There are two coin wars going on this week. The first competition is classroom vs. classroom. Each teacher in the OHS gets a bucket in their classroom that students can fill up throughout the day. Whichever teacher’s bucket has the most amount of money in it by the end of the week wins a snack cart for their 2nd hour. Senior Payton Neumann said, “I donated $16 to Mr. Eitrheim’s bucket because I know there are kids in need of beds and blankets.” 

The second being a competition between each grade level. There are four buckets in the commons with each grade level labeled on them. Wanna make it a challenge for others? Add bills in the bucket to take away from other grades and make their total shrink. For instance, add a dollar into your bucket, a dollar gets taken away from a different grades bucket. The goal is to see what grade level can raise the most amount of money by the end of the week. OHS Student Council Adviser Ms. Sandra Justice said, “It’s really just about bringing in the money.” All of the money raised over this week solely goes to Beds For Kids.