Moderating technology usage


Shelby Born

We can work with technology instead of getting rid of it

Shelby Born, Writer

Technology use has skyrocketed in the past 15 years. Over five billion people own a mobile device. These devices help with communication in many ways. We have seen texting, calling and video conferences grow bigger since COVID-19 hit. Technology, and communicating with that, became our only option. We have seen companies like Schoology rise in the pandemic, helping fuel a learning environment at home. 

Many have seen how technology strengthens a learning environment. OHS physical education and health teacher Mr. William Blecshmidt said,“I have access to resources at the click of a finger and my students do as well.” Not only is technology an amazing way to bring people together but it also helps with learning and education. These features were especially important during the early stages of the pandemic. 

Technology has helped with the advertising of big and small businesses alike. There are 30.7 million small businesses in the United States. These businesses range from dog-walking and babysitting to businesses like Klecker’s Kreations, a flower shop located in downtown Owatonna. Through social media and other apps, small businesses have made an impact and many are starting up, or have become much more popular.

Although there are many ways that social media and technology can be a negative thing there are many ways that one can help themself and make technology a positive resource. Sleep problems are a common effect from phone usage, a simple solution is to set a bedtime and stick to it. 

Many apps have come to light since the beginning of the pandemic. Apps like Headspace have multiple options for meditation and sleep. Making it easier than ever before to meditate anywhere and everywhere. The app also provides many resources both in article form and video form to help explain the process of the meditation. Another great app, Thought Diary Pro, is reshaping the way we think. The app allows the user to write down what they are thinking and then help to change negative thinking into positive, productive thinking. 

Like many things technology is best used in moderation. Mr. Blechschmidt said, “The tricky part is finding that balance between the two of them(technology and no technology).” There are multiple options to ensure a healthy amount of technology usage. Many are small things, such as leaving one’s phone behind, even if it is just for 20 minutes. Turning off notifications is one of the easiest ways to break the habit of constantly being on one’s phone. Enforcing a curfew or sleeping without any electronics is the easiest way to avoid scrolling through TikTok at two in the morning. This also helps with not waking up with electronics, it shouldn’t be the first thing that one tries to grab in the morning. Thinking of technology as a bonus rather than a right is a great way to limit phone usage and make that usage positive.

Many teens struggle balancing phone usage, learning how to balance and manage the struggles of a phone is just one of the many ways to make technology a positive tool in everyday life. Learning to communicate in many ways, advertising business ideas and learning to be mindful are just some of the biggest reasons technology is a good thing for our society. During the pandemic technology became a necessity for communication and furthering education and we continue to use technology for the enhancement of communicating and learning in school and out of school today.