OHS balling out at movie night


Austin Meyers

OHS hosted movie night Thursday for one of many homecoming events.

Rolando Maya, Writer

On Thursday, Sept. 29 at 7:00 p.m. OHS hosted a movie night at the auditorium, which is one of many of the events going on during homecoming week. This year’s movie to match with the dress up day was the original Space Jam. The original Space Jam that was shown in 1996 is a comedy sports film featuring iconic characters from Looney Tunes and six time NBA Champion Micheal Jordan. 

This year, the movie was at the auditorium instead of last year being at the football field at OHS. Students at OHS are excited about this change of locations. Junior Henry Hilgendorf who is part of the student council at OHS said, “The football team has a game the night after and admin does not want anything to accidentally happen to the field which is understandable but the movie night will still go smoothly even being held in the auditorium.” There are many reasons for holding a movie night. Hilgendorf said,“It gives students a chance to go to a laid back event during a busy week.” 

Many students at OHS have enjoyed the change of scenery of the movie night. Students have mentioned that being inside of the auditorium was controlled and warm. Senior Carter Keck, who attended movie night, was happy with the choice of movie and location. Keck said, “I love Space Jam, it’s an original, you can’t beat it.” Keck was also happy about the change of scenery. He said, “I feel like outside you got a lot more space but it’s honestly a lot more cold out while the auditorium is pretty nice and controlled.” Keck went with a small group of friends who enjoyed the night at the auditorium. 

Movie night at the auditorium was a success with its goal of being laid back for the student body. The OHS Student Council will work hard for next year’s activities, hoping to see another movie night.