Compass strives even with the time change


Rolando Maya

OHS will begin the registration process with grades 9-11 on the next Compass day, Feb. 1

Rolando Maya

Every other week, OHS has a compass day on Wednesdays. On a compass day, classes began at 8:25 a.m. and end at 1:50 p.m. After first period on a compass day, students go to their academic advisers where they fill out certain surveys about the school or are informed about upcoming events within the school. Students can come in before or after school for one on one help from teachers, or they can use this time for activities and clubs that they are involved in.

Last year, compass day looked a little different, as the day has been revamped. Before the changes, compass day would begin at 8:30 a.m. through 1:05 p.m. Many students who had C lunch last year could have left even earlier, at 12:35 a.m. skipping lunch and heading straight out of the building. While the students who needed help, had an hour and 35 minutes to get extra help from teachers. A problem however quickly caught the attention of teachers and administrators, being that many students that still had to make up work; would never show up for assistance. There was another issue, many students last year would not take advantage of compass time last year as they would not leave the building, walking around the school causing issues within other students. 

“We want students to have a choice. We want students to invest in the ability to make their own choices and say, do you have to a club or an organization to connect with your school community, choice was really important for making compass, we have had an individual sweep of hallways so people just can’t hangout in the hallways or commons, we have staff that help with that, ” said Principal Kory Kath.

We have had an individual sweep of hallways so people just can’t hangout in the hallways or commons, we have staff that help with that”

— Principal Kory Kath

This year, many OHS students around the school have really disliked the change. However, compass day has still been effective for students who feel they are behind. Senior Alec Harris said, “I liked the time better last year, the school should have been more strict on who could leave and who can’t, just because some students messed it up, shouldn’t take away the privilege of everyone else.” 

“Some information that I’ve gotten from compass is how to use naviance, how to find career clusters and colleges that suit me,” said senior Alfons Cantu. Compass has provided college help for many seniors.”

Compass time does prepare students for their classes, helps improve grades,” said Cantu. During compass, advisers have provided seniors with links and slideshows that provide information about college such as, how to apply, where to apply, and how to submit your transcripts to the college you have applied to.The compass time change definitely has disappointed many students, but at the end of the day it has provided help for students. Allowing students who are making up work or catching up to become less stressful. Yet, students still have enough time to get caught up with work even with less time than last year’s compass schedule.

“Students were not attending two different sessions, the administration was safe to scale it down a little, but we have heard very good stories that students have been connecting with teachers and having the choice to get to where they want to be to make up assignments,” said Principal Kory Kath, regarding the time change. Students would spend more time with just one teacher than going with other teachers within different classes that they were struggling in. With the common theme of compass helping students with whatever they wish to complete for their classes this year, it is clear that compass is beneficial for all students that need the help. 

As the year is halfway through, it will be interesting to see how compass day can bring more school activities as of right now we have important groups like DECA and the Green Team that meet up in the morning while in the afternoon consists of many clubs such as the cubing club, FFA chapter meetings, and the fantasy football league. The next compass day will be on Wednesday, Feb. 1. OHS will start the registration process in grades 9-11.