OHS announces the 2023 Snow King and Queen

Ava Flemke, Writer

On Monday, February 20, OHS crowned Snow Week King and Queen during the kick off pepfest. Top 5 candidates performed lip sync battles to win the crown. Following the lip sync battles, voting was sent out to OHS students. In the mean time, winter sports captains spoke about their seasons and played a game of tug of war which ended with a rope in half.

This year’s 2023 Snow King is Drew Henson. He performed his lip sync to the song “Señorita” by Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendez. Henson was accompanied by CJ Theis, Aidan Charles, and Mr. Patrick Churchill.

Henson said, “We knew we had to put in some work, so we put in our tears, our blood, and everything we had into it.”

The 2023 Snow Queen is Emily Jacobs. She performed her lip sync to the song “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’” by Grace Phipps, Jason Evigan, and Ross Lynch. Jacobs’ performance was accomanied by Ashley Holm and Anni Moran.

Jacobs said “My crew and I spent an hour and a half practicing it on Youtube in front of the TV in my garage.” 

This kicks of the week of activities for OHS with a medallion hunt, lunch activities, dress up days and other events.