Moving On: What happens to the stuff?


Rolando Maya

Juan Patino walking out Mr. Leer’s classroom with a poster and stuffed toy.

Rolando Maya, Writer

With the new OHS opening this upcoming fall, it leaves the question of what will happen to the current high school and what it contains. Many students at OHS have taken the opportunity to take some classroom artifacts home, while desks and chairs have been off limits.

Some of the more popular items that students have taken home are the posters that teachers have on their walls.

Senior Abdullahi Muktar said, “Some of my teachers have let me take some of their stuff home by just asking.”

Students have been able to take many posters and stuffed animals that are around. Taking items from the teachers’ home room has been common throughout the school, especially with seniors.

Many of the staff won’t be too worried about bringing everything to their new space as there is no need for everything. OHS art teacher Mr. Kuehn said, “I’ll probably take a few things, I have to get into my space at the new school to see what I can bring. I’ll try to do all of that this summer before the school gets torn down sometime in the fall.” Mr. Kuehn plans to have everything organized for his second visit to the new high school.

The introduction of the new school includes new furniture and art supplies while giving the students the chance to grab supplies that they do not have at home.

Sophomore Alejandro Mendez said, “The art room has a lot of cool stuff that I would like to take, he has a lot of sculptures and clay turtles that I would like to take home with me. It would be a shame if all of that went to waste.”

While students can take decorations and personal items that teachers have had up in their classrooms, they can not take desks and chairs with them. All functional equipment necessary for a classroom will be unable to be taken by students and teachers. Once the school finalizes their plans of reusing classroom appliances, more in-depth plans will be made.

Posters, flags, and art work have been one of many things that students have been granted permission by teachers but everything else has been off-limits.

Principal Kath said, “It is not, we don’t know what items are spoken for as of now, but once we do know that, there will be a public auction where students can purchase stuff at the auction.”

Staff around OHS have recently visited the new high school, with another visit soon, when the rooms are installed.

While some stuff will go up for the upcoming public auction, other equipment will go out to other schools throughout the community.

“Some stuff will go to the new school, some stuff will be used at other sites across the community. Other schools within our district and visiting districts could have similar pieces to ours, which could be sold to them,” said Mr.Kath.

By mid-June, furniture will begin to be installed into the new building. The hope is that the move-in process could be finished by mid- July. The office of the new Owatonna High School is expected to be opened by July 17.