Editorial: A Memoriam of the High School


Designed by Jace Forcelle

A memoriam of the high school through a historical perspective.

Magnet Staff, Editorial Staff

In 1920, local architects Jacobson and Jacobson constructed the current OHS for the community of Owatonna. Furthermore, in 1921, the OHS opened to the public with the vision that the high school would serve as an educational institution throughout the twentieth century for the community of Owatonna.

In 2019, the community voted to construct a new high school for the future of education in Owatonna.  The transition from the current high school to the new high school doesn’t diminish the value of the experiences contained in the current high school. However, to understand the experiences contained in the current high school from the perspective of students and teachers is to understand the history of secondary education in Owatonna prior to the development of the current high school.

In 1862, secondary education emerged throughout the community of Owatonna through the perception of Baptist education.  According to the Owatonna High School Museum, the high school held the first commencement ceremony in the community of Owatonna in 1877. However, in 1883, the high school was deconstructed by a fire. In response, Jacobson and Jacobson constructed a high school for the community in 1921, which is the current high school as developed by building expansions from 1921-1998. Throughout and after the period of expansion, notable accomplishments have occurred at the high school that have capsulated the essence of the high school throughout the twentieth century such as state championships and progressive educational policies. However, outside of the historical and existential framework, there have been a lot of memorable emotions that the current high school has produced for students and teachers from a numerous  of perspectives.

The emotions of students and teachers are essential to provide perspective towards the existence of the current high school. Furthermore, the perspective of teachers in relation to the character of the current high school can provide an encompassing perspective of a teacher. However, there have been teachers that have experienced the high school from both the perspective of a student and teacher which provides a universal perspective towards the current high school. 

The universal perspective of the high school provides access to the subliminal existence of the historical precedence of the current high school. However, the perspective of the current high school can be conceptualized through the basis of retrospection. Furthermore, the retrospective perspective of the high school develops that the essential characteristics of the current high school are perceived through the basis of collective traditions. Throughout the existence of the current high school, the essential characteristics or traditions were the advent of school dances and powderpuff. However, the retrospective perspective contention is also developed through the precedence of school remodeling and the development of student demographics throughout the character of the high school.

The historical framework of the high school also develops the character of the current high school. The reflection concerning the high school encapsulated a collective memory conscious to students and teachers. However, the framework also develops a notion that the high school is going to become a collective memoriam in the future for the community of Owatonna.