To the Graduating Class of 2023



OHS Magnet Staff stands in front of the original 1921 Owatonna High School.

Magnet Staff, Writer

As a class, we have endured far more than ever expected of high school students throughout our four years- in and out- of this building. From our freshman year being cut short due to COVID, sophomore year having us in the building two days a week, junior year adjusting to being normal high school students and senior year flying by right before our eyes. 

The Class of 2023 has had a unique experience with good-byes. In sixth grade, we remember feeling so special standing in the old Willow Creek being told we would be the last class to ever attend there, as Willow Creek. Now, we prepare to be the last class of seniors to graduate from the original 1921 Owatonna High School. 

For us, these good-byes are more real; we are not just saying good-bye to our high school experience, but the building too. We will never be able to return to the building we spent four years of our lives in, just to reminisce on old memories or watch the future classes follow in our footsteps, the way previous classes have been able to. 

Yet with every teary good-bye, there are new and exciting hellos soon to follow. As we all prepare to leave one another and go our separate ways, it can be easy to dwell in the good-byes. But instead, we should look to the future and say hello to our new opportunities. Whether it be college, working, a gap year or joining the military, we all are going in unique directions, with only our experiences and knowledge learned from our years together to keep us connected.  

So, take these lessons and memories with you, and go off to do bigger and better things, but always remember: great success comes from humble beginnings, and your humble beginnings just happen to be a high school in a small town in rural Minnesota. 

Editorial Note: This originally was published in the graduation Print Edition.