Zachary Lembke
Zachary Lembke is a senior at Owatonna High School. This is his first year as a staff member of Magnet. Lembke joined Magnet to experience working with the family and to pick up new skills to improve his writing. He has three cats named Cheeto, Jingo, and Thor. When outside of the brutal battle arena that is Owatonna high school he is either making home-cooked meals for himself or friends, playing an unhealthy amount of Starcraft and League of Legends, and slacking off. After the completion of high school, Lembke plans on attending college to pursue a job in the field of psychology or history. Find him on snap @doodlledabmcfly.

Zachary Lembke, Writer

Sep 26, 2019
Student Teacher: Alcott, Baranczyk, Deluca, Mash, Vesper (Story)
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