We’ve got spirit


Carline Reebie

Angela Wishy, Ashley Intress, and Zoie Peña

Carline Reebie, Writer

Other than making appearances at school events, the cheer squads also take part in several community service activities. To letter in cheer, one must attain ten community service hours. Recently, all squads came together to buy Christmas gifts for families through Big Brothers Big Sisters. This has been a tradition for 15 years and is always a time of high spirits. Sophomore Grace Thompson said, “I just love giving back.” The OHS cheerleaders not only raise spirits at sporting events, but also in the community. OHS cheer offers a combination of leadership in sports and the community.

The Owatonna High School Cheerleaders will be supporting all OHS sports this winter. There are four varsity cheer squads (girls basketball, boys basketball, boys hockey and wrestling). They also have one junior varsity squad that attends several different events. A huge part of cheerleading is having an upbeat personality that is infectious enough to get the crowd going. Co-Captain of the boys basketball cheer squad Shannon Petersburg said, “I know my squad will always have a great attitude. They are practically family.” This bond is important, especially with the changes in coaching.

The assistant varsity coach, Stephanie Dietz, has left, being replaced with former winter JV coach, Jenna Compton. Compton’s position has been filled by former OHS and St. Thomas cheerleader Ali Markell. Also helping out is Kyrsten Kozel, coaching the boys hockey cheer squad. Regardless of the changes, head coach Mara Oien is feeling confident and looking forward to pepfest performances in the future. She said, “The choreography is still in the works, but we are already getting excited for it.” It will be an innovative and energetic routine to see at the Snow Week pepfest this February.