“Bag it and tag it” event planned for OHS Robotics

Matthew Bothun

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Roshan Poduval double checking the DriveTrain

The Owatonna High School Robotics team is in full swing, as they prepare for regionals. On Feb. 24 the team will showcase their finished robot -which will compete in regionals- to the community and their sponsors. For the last six months the team has been working hard alongside their mentors from Wenger and Bosch to complete their robot on time for their big revealing. Once the team showcases their robot it will be bagged up and no one will be allowed to have contact with in until regionals on Mar. 2-4.

The competition will be held in Duluth MN, where 60 schools make up teams of three to compete to see who can power their airship quickest in the time aloud. This years challenge for regionals is to build a robot that can collect and shoot balls into a boiler, as well as carry gears and deliver them to an airship to gain points. When asked about regionals senior Vivica Rosenberg said, “ Last year was a lot of fun there were thousands of people there just to watch what we worked so hard to build.” This year looks very promising for the Rebel Alliance because of their well rounded and experienced group of seniors. Good luck to the robotics team on the rest of their build and at the Northern Lights regionals.