Tips on applying for college

Derek Thaada, Writer

Many juniors in the Owatonna High School will be applying to college this upcoming fall. The following list consists of tips in making sure their college application process goes smoothly.

1.) Apply early! Most applications are live in September, students should apply as soon as they can, because some schools have early action deadlines that will allow them to find out whether they are accepted sooner rather than later. Also, at some of the bigger schools, a delay in application submissions may result in students getting “waitlisted,” which is never a good place to be. Senior year will only get busier, so by applying early, students can cross off one more things from their to-do list.

2.) If a college asks for letters of recommendation, ask recommenders well in advance. It generally takes time for people to write letters of recommendation and they will appreciate having time. When asking for the letter, knowing the deadline for the letter will be very beneficial. They also may ask for an activities resume, so make sure to have that handy.

3.) Speaking of resumes, create a working activities resume as well. In this resume, students should include what activities they have been in and how many years they have done them in high school. Some activities, like Link Crew or DECA for example, may require a brief explanation as to what that activity entailed. Students should make sure to add any awards or accolades that they have received as well.

4.) Essays are another important factor in the college admissions process. Remember, above all else, this essay is the time for students to put themselves on display. Sometimes while writing their essays, students will stray off topic and get into other subjects. Make sure to stay focused and concise. Another tip for essays, do not rehash what has been said in the activities resume section of the essay, if the college asked for the activities resume, they already know what the student was involved in, the essay should be a personal endeavor.

Lastly, to the class of 2018, good luck on the journey of applying to college. While stressful, once a decision is made, that stress is replaced with joy and optimism for the future, with only a possible side effect of senioritis.