Snow Week Top 5


Bottom to Top: Sheldon Jensen’s face, Kyra Rahn, Kenna West, Spencer Steckelberg, Hannah Gebur , Greta Jacobson, Will Titchenal, Claire Borgerding and Braeden Meier Not Pictured: Kenny Johnson

Ben Stelter

Snow Week is very similar to Homecoming week at the OHS with lunch activities, dress up days, a dance and of course the senior royalty. The royalty for snow week are chosen in the same manner as the Homecoming royalty. The student body elects the Top 12, then the Top 5 and finally a King and Queen. Being elected at any level is a great honor because the candidates are seen as deserving leaders in the school.

 The Snow Week top five Queen Candidates are: Claire Borgerding, Hannah Gebur, Greta Jacobson, Kyra Rahn, Kenna West. The top five King Candidates are: Sheldon Jensen, Kenneth Johnson, Braeden Meier, Spencer Steckelberg, and William Titchenal.

 Claire Borgerding is honored to be apart of the Top 5 Royalty. When she was asked what it meant to be voted into top 5, she said, “It means a lot to me because it makes me feel appreciated.” The candidates are ecstatic to be recognized in this way. Top 5 candidate, Greta Jacobson explains with a bit of humor what her nomination means to her, and she said, “I’m so honored that my peers think of me as funny or entertaining enough to be worthy of Top 5, or maybe they just really want to see me make a huge fool of myself in front of the entire student body. Either way, this was a pleasant surprise and I’m looking forward to making my peers laugh.”

It means a lot to me because it makes me feel appreciated.

— Claire Borgerding

The Top 5 Snow Week candidates have been announced, and they are diligently brainstorming skits. The candidates hope is that the skits will entertain the student body enough to vote them King or Queen. But, the candidates are indicating a large number of them are having a hard time getting their skits approved by the administration. Principal Mark Randall commented on what some of the criteria of the skits should be by saying, “Generally speaking, a skit cannot be political in nature, involve anything related to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or sexual innuendo. There is some flexibility with this based on the context of the message, but we focus more on the audience for this which are the parents, students, staff, and our community.” Overall, Randall included that the skits were pretty clean this year, and there was little to be changed.

The Snow Week skits are the kick off to Snow Week, and they tend to be the candidates favorite part of big week. The skits were performed in front of the student body during a pep fest on Friday, Feb. 9. The skits tend to set the criteria that the student body will base their votes on for King and Queen.

The candidates were asked to give an idea of what their skit could be, and Kyra Rahn said, “It’s true, my hips don’t lie.” Rahn did a high energy dance number that included a compilation of exciting songs. Claire Borgerding said, “I don’t play sports, so I probably wouldn’t be the best to explain any.” Borgerding was accompanied by senior basketball player Stephanie Liebl, Borgerding’s skit highlighted her involvement in theatre and the many “differences” it has to basketball. Hannah Gebur said cryptically, “One word: headbands.” Gebur put on a fashion show that showcased the versatility of her signature accessory: a headband.

My skit should be entertaining, it may possibly include my beloved pep band

— Sheldon Jensen

Kenna West descriptively adds, “Gebur.” West combined skits with Gebur by being a judge, along with Gebur, for the headband talent show. Spencer Steckelberg included vaguely, “Something funny.” Steckelberg got his head shaved by senior Parker Aase while Evan Steiger and Logan Steckelberg and made fun of him. Braeden Meier and Will Titchenal combined to make one skit. Together Meier and Titchenal poked some fun at faculty members while trying to solve the mystery of the missing lunch. Kenny Johnson simply said, “Aye aye, Captain.” Johnson’s skit was about him sinking in a boat accompanied by senior Andrew Jackson. Sheldon Jensen said, “My skit should be entertaining, it may possibly include my beloved pep band!” Jensen’s skit satirized the North Korean nuclear missile issue by pretending be a leader of a group of soldiers preparing for battle. Jensen’s skit also featured the pep band. The skits were hilarious and immensely entertaining, each candidate showcased their personalities well.

The King and Queen will be announced during a pepfest on Wednesday, Feb. 14 during Snow Week which is currently taking place during the week of Feb. 12-16.