OHS juniors prepare for the ACT

Blake Kubat

All eyes are on the juniors as they are preparing for the upcoming ACT. All juniors will be taking the test on Apr. 3, 2018. The ACT will be taken right after spring break, and many of the juniors are concerned about the timing. The students are worried that taking the big test right after a long laid-back break might hurt their test scores.

The ACT is defined as the American College Test, but in 1996 the official organization decided to shorten it to the ACT. When junior Dallas Wetzel was asked about how he felt that the ACT is right after break, he said, “I like it because we have the whole break to prepare for the ACT, so we do not have to worry about the homework in in all of the classes we have.” Wetzel is one of the few students that like the idea of the ACT being right after break. The critical test will consist of different sections. There are four sections: math, reading, science and English. There also is a writing portion, which is included with the test, but is optional for the students to take. The first test students take is funded by the school, but then students will need to pay for every other time they retake the ACT. It is optional to retake the ACT, as many students do it to try and  improve their score. The price for the ACT, without the writing portion, is $46, and with the writing section it is $62.50. These prices will remain the same no matter how many times a student may take the test. Also, the ACT scoring goes all the way up to 36. Seniors have the choice to take the writing portion of the ACT, after they take it the first time.

On Mar.13, there will be a 60 minute TMM for all juniors to learn more about the test itself. Somethings they will look at include: what will be included in the ACT test, learning how to be prepared for the ACT, and it is open to answer any questions that might come up. In addition, some teachers are opening up a slot, during academic support, to have a day that will be focused on talking about the ACT with juniors. Ms. Hollie Jeska said, “The ACT is about five hours long. The juniors will report to their assigned classroom, which they will be given during TMM on Tuesday. Sophomores will take the MCA Reading test, the freshman have a retreat,and the seniors will not report to school. Also, the Owatonna Public Schools pay for the test that students will take on Apr. 3, 2018.”

Students will find everything out during the hour long TMM. The goal is to prepare them to be ready to tackle the ACT. In order to prepare Junior Jessica Pieper said, “I have been doing practice tests,and the teachers I have been giving me the essentials to be ready.”  Students can head up to the main office and ask for a free ACT guide that has questions in it for everyone to answer if they are looking for the extra practice. Students are to come and meet in their assigned classroom to begin taking the test.