Updating the security

Jordan Jensen, Writer

Over the last couple of years, the Owatonna High School has been adding extra security throughout the school. Last year, the biggest feature was a new upgraded camera system in and out of the building. Now what caused another upgrade to the system? Mr. Randall said, “It was part of a security assessment done with the school and a recommendation made by research from security professionals and school district staff.” With many schools approving and installing a system upgrade, it will ensure the safety of students and teachers throughout the district.

The new system the school has implemented is called the Raptor system. It is a school visitor management system that consists of instant screening in custom databases, accurate records and efficient reporting that insures trusted protection. So visitors check in at the front desk and they have their driver’s license scanned. The raptor system checks visitors identification and prints out a slip of their name and the destination they are going to.

OHS implemented this system into the school on March 19. Identifying every person who walks into the school is essential for student safety. Senior Taylor Hall said “I’d say it’s a seemingly good system, but I have not seen it in action.” This was paid for as part of the bond referendum for security updates. As of this moment there are no plans for additional upgrades during this school year.