Boo for food


Nevin Schroeder, Writer

Boo for food is back for its second year. This event is when students decide to take a stand against hunger, and they go door to door asking for non- perishables instead of candy on Halloween. On Wednesday Oct 24th Saint Paul Lutheran Church,Trinity Church and Our Savior’s went out and gathered as much perishables as they can and enjoy going door to door with their friends. Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, and some of the churches around Owatonna are meeting up, splitting into groups, and then having some friendly competition to see who can collect the most. After Halloween, all the food is donated to the food shelf and is processed through the USDA Food Life. The USDA Food Life makes sure the food donated is good for consumption. The Steele County Food Shelf alone has helped 1,200 households in 2018. From the months of January through October, the food shelf has helped 6,042 kids from youth to 18, and they have totaled in over 358,077 pounds of food.

When food drives are not going on, executive director Nancy Ness, makes her way to the Channel One food store in Rochester, where she purchases food with the funds they have. In addition, when the food gets old and it is time to get thrown out, the food shelf brings it to Channel One to get recycled. Ness said, “The younger the kids are who help out, the more the older people see that kids are giving their best to help make impacts on our community.”

Going without food causes abnormal blood pressure, heart diseases, obesity and behavior problems. It also affects children’s motor skills and can cause eyesight problems. The Steele County Food Shelf is looking for students to help volunteer once every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. to help shop with customers. Anyone can get involved in supporting the community and local food shelf. Kids from all ages can help make a difference here in Owatonna. Students can drop off any perishable goods they have to the food shelf from asking family members or asking friends to help out by donating.