2018 cash drive comes to a close


Magnet Staff

Cash drive committee smiles with the check

Jack Kleeberger, Writer

The 2018 OHS Cash Drive wrapped up Monday, Dec.10 after a successful week of games, activities and other events. We All Play, the organization looking to build a Miracle Field and playground at Manthey Park, was presented with a check of $ 7,205.35 that the OHS student body and members of the community managed to raise. As usual, the biggest money making activities were the Mangeant and Ugly Sweater School Dance. OHS Cash Drive chair, Ashton Jensen said, “I thought the cash drive went pretty well. We switched a couple things around, taking a bit of a risk but overall it was good.” Through this year’s cash drive, OHS students are able to see how their actions can make a difference within their own community.

In order for the construction of this project to hit the ground running, We All Play has a overall goal of $800,000 and that is not quite as daunting as it may seem. The organization has already managed to raise $200,000 and plans to re- evaluate at the $400,000 mark, this means reaching out to potential donors who had previously considered giving money. When asked of a possible time frame, We All Play board member, Missy Ahrens said, “The community can hopefully expect to see construction of the playground begin fall of 2019.”

Not only was donating all proceeds locally special in of itself, the project also takes on a special meaning for those who are involved. OHS Student Council took pride in choosing We All Play as the cash drive benefactor. The students look forward to seeing this project move forward, bettering the community of Owatonna and helping children have fun no matter their individual circumstances.