Knowledge war


Carter DeBus

OHS Knowledge Bowl participants preparing to buzz in for the next question

Carter DeBus, Writer

Knowledge Bowl is a club that any OHS student can join throughout the year. It’s a club that competes in teams to answer a variety of trivia questions. Knowledge Bowl has a competitive atmosphere with everyone trying to show off their skills in certain topics. The competition is jeopardy style, but with teams and without the reversed questions and answers. Adviser Stacy Nguyen said, “We have a nice diverse bunch of kids on the team, we have boys and girls that are all good a different subjects.” A variety of topics are covered including: science, math, current events, the arts, English, geography, literature and history. The team practices every Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the B-300 computer lab trying to study new topics to try and improve their strengths as a team.

The teams’ last meet was in Blue Earth. There were 23 teams from all around Minnesota competing for the championship title. Owatonna Blue team took 7th place, while the silver team ranked in at 19th. Junior Ellie Youngquist said “I really love the knowledge bowl and how it bring people together and lets us compete against other teams and prove who really knows more” There are five rounds at a Knowledge Bowl meet. The meet begins with a written round that is used for seeding teams in the four oral rounds that follow. The teams are split into different rooms to see who can get more answers correct out of 45 questions. During Knowledge Bowl, there are three teams playing against each other at once.